Goddess Treatments

Energy Healing & Massage Treatments

I offer different Energy Healing treatments and packages,  depending on your intention and needs. During an intake we can discuss the best treatment for you, which could also be a combination of different treatmenst put together for you.



Relax and heal with essential oils and healing techniques.

My healing massage is my signature treatment! It is a loving and relaxing massage with warm herbal essential oils, that I will pick out for you from inner knowing.  During the massage we will work with your intentions to let the healing begin and l will use healing techniques to remove blockages from different levels of the  body. Some healing techniques that are used during the massage are: Chakra activation and Reiki.

90 minutes
€ 120,-

Aura|Chakra Healing

Cleansing the Aura from toxic energy and blockages.

After an Aura Healing you will feel a total different energy! During the the Aura Healing treatment, I will cleanse the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body by removing stagnant energy. I will balance your chakras and depending on your energy, work on different area's of blockages. Cleansing your Aura will allow you to attract and receive new opportunities as the energy will flow better.

150 Minutes
€ 200,-


Surrender into your energy and awaken your senses.

90 minutes

Want to surrender into your own creative energy? Have you been on your head lately, not letting your creative energy flow? Then I recommend this massage to get out of your head and surrender back into your body, letting the creative feminine energy flow. While receiving and being take care of with herbal oils bends made for awakening the senses and an euphoric feeling. 

This is a massage with herbs, think of long and soothing stokes over your whole body with oil and herbs. Every part of your body will be touched except for your private parts.