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Goddess Treatments by Imani

Energy Healing & Massage Healing Treatments

I offer different Energy Healing treatments and packages,  depending on your intention and needs. During an intake we can discuss the best treatment for you, which could also be a combination of different treatments put together for you.

The couples treatment  are given by Imani and her partner RelaxedSoul. 

Couples Massage

A Touch of Love 

Relax and heal with essential oils and Kemetic healing techniques.

A Touch of Love is my signature healings massage treatment! It is a loving and relaxing massage with warm herbal essential oils, that I will pick out for you from inner knowing.  During the massage we will work with your intentions to let the healing begin. l will use healing techniques to release blockages from different levels of the  body. Some healing techniques that are used during the massage are: Chakra activation and Kemetic Reiki. A Touch of Love will have you feeling reborn, light and filled with gratitude for yourself.

90 minutes
€ 111,-

Deep Divine Cleansing 

Cleanse your divine energy field from stagnant energy and blockages.

We are more than just a physical body.  All matter is energy and we each hold the divine manifestation of this universal energy field in our bodies. After a Deep Divine Cleansing,  you will feel a total different energy! During the treatment, I will cleanse the energy fields of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body by removing stagnant energy. I will balance your chakras and depending on your energy, work on different area's of blockages. A Deep Divine Cleanse will allow you to attract and receive new opportunities as the energy will flow better.

150 Minutes
€ 222,-

The Sensual Goddess

A sensual treat with herbs, oils and flowers for the Sensual Goddess within you.

90 minutes

Sensual Goddess is a beautiful treat for the sensual Goddess within you. Let yourself receive and be taken care of, while surrendering into your body, letting the creative feminine energy flow. The  herbal oils bends used are made for awakening the senses and an euphoric feelings.

This is a massage with herbs, think of long and soothing stokes over your whole body with oil, herbs and flowers. Every part of your body will be touched except for your private parts. 

Healing Therapy

Generational Timeline Clearing 

Actively reprogram your limiting beliefs that restrict you from living your best life!

During the Generational Timeline Clearing we are actively going to reprogram your limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs that you may be carrying from generations passed down to you that restrict you from your deeper self. 

We will use different healing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Tapping. During this session we are also going to create a manifestation on that what you really really want. Don't be amazed how quick things can shift once you've reprogrammed your limiting beliefs. 

60 minutes
€ 88,-

4 hands touch divine masculine & feminine 

Activate and awaken your body and divine masculine and feminine energy.

Are you ready to awaken all parts of your body and life force energy, to let the divine masculine and feminine energy create a nurturing balance.

During the 4 Hands Touch Divine Masculine & Feminine massage, we will be using flowing and soothing strokes to nurture and move the masculine and feminine energy throughout your body.

We will also use grounding touch to let the energy of the massage arrive into your body.

60 minutes

Couples Union
Sunset Massage

 Shower your union with love during this Sunset Couples Union Massage.

To love and to be loved is a blessing, a beautiful union within ourselves that creates union with our lover. Each day that you wake up next to your lover is a gift and a celebration of union, a celebration of each other.
This Couples Union Sunset Massage that we put together is such a special creation of ours and a beautiful experience.
It’s a gift of our love and union, for you and your lover.

Relax together, while we celebrate your union and shower you and lover with love.

90 minutes

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