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Love Rituals

My soul purpose on this planet is to share LOVE and Healing. How do I know my dharma? Well, when you know, you just know and perhaps because in my life LOVE has always been the masterplan.

A few years ago when I bought a deck of beginners tarot card I tried out different tarot readings for myself. One of the readings I did was a birth card reading. Not to my suprise but very cool to know that my tarot birthcard is “The Lovers”.

Now the The Lovers does not only stand for love obviously, there are several ways to read this card depending on one’s situation ofcourse. But if we look at my Soul purpose, my passion for spreading love and at all my relationships, the rituals that have come to me and Goddesses that channel through me and how I choose love above fear I can definitely say yes The Lovers is my birthcard.. it fits!

Many years ago with out even intentionally doing a ritual… I started doing my own love rituals. Well.. so me my own and some shown to me by the Goddesses.

The first love ritual I ever intentionally did was for a client. It was 9 years ago, and shown to me by a Goddess during the healing session. The ritual included flowers of different colors, the sea, affirmations, a goddess bad and a deep clearing of passed down stagnant generational energy.

Soul fam, I can tell you that beautiful things happened for this client after this ritual 🌹.

Since then many rituals have come to me. And flowers, roses in particular had become a part of my Goddess treatments and several rituals.

The love attraction smudge wands I make for my soul fam, are made with a love attraction

ritual. This ritual is my secret love attraction ritual that's shared between the goddesses of love and me.

In my upcoming blog I will share 3 love rituals that came to me before I meet my Twin Flame and which I myself have done and that may help you to attract your beloved as well!

May you be happy🙏🏾,

Imani ☥

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