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3 Love Rituals to attract your beloved

Bijgewerkt op: 2 okt. 2021

Ritual 1: Write a lover letter and seal it

Set the mood first. Dim down the lights, light on a red candle and put on some music that puts you into those love vibes. That kind of love music that makes you feel in love and daydream of you and your lover. Set that romantic vibe then grab your journal and write a letter to you beloved, as if he is already yours. Feel the love flowing through your heart, eyes, fingers while writing the letter. Pour your heart into it, don’t forget to mention to your lover how happy and blessed you are to have each other. After writing the letter, pour some of the red candle wax onto the love letter. Sealing your love. You can put your journal away trusting that your lover will receive the message.

I remember a few years after my twin flame and I were already together, we were cleaning up our books and journals. I came across the love letter I once wrote, on a night that I was home feeling romantic and listening to love songs with candles on all around the house. And with excitement I showed him the letter. He immediately, jokingly claimed that I did magic to attract him lol. I asked him if I should "break the magic spell" he quickly replied with “no”. Some details that I had totally forgotten about was that I drew a tropical scene with me and my lover sitting on a beach, and I had written Costa Rica on it. Nothing is a coincidence soul fam, my twin flame is half Costa Rican and we've taken many adventures to tropical places since we've met including Costa Rica, where we lived in a beautiful finca for a month.

Ritual 2: Pray and clear the path

The love that's meant for you is always there, wherever it is in the Universe, whether you can see it or not it’s there. And sometimes it's as simple as clearing the path so that your lover can find its way to you. Pray for several days in a row, in this prayer, pray that the path may cleared so that your lover may find its way to you. Pray for all obstacles to be removed. Dedicate yourself to clearing the path for your lover and so the path may become lighted.

I was in Bali, flowing with life and decieded to visit a healer, Wyan. Wyan from the movie Eat Pray Love. She really exsist and I was stoked to be treated by her. She gave me a cleansing and asked me if I have a partner. I said no I do not and am not looking for a partner. Then she answerd to me you do not have to look; your partner is always there you just need to clear the path. She took me to a temple and told me to pray every day for several days asking to clear the path and remove obstacle between my lover and me. And so I did. On the 9th day of my prayers my twin flame reached out to me and I spoke to him for the first time... the path had been cleared.

Ritual 3: Start attracting

You are a magnet and attract that what you are, what you believe, what you receive and what you give. So be love, see love, listen to love. Buy beautiful flowers for yourself that you would love to receive from your lover and put them in your home, when you look at the flowers feel happy. Put things in your home that will attract that lover, like a painting of lovers, a vision board of you and your lover.

When I first bought my home about 11 years ago, I put up a painting in my home. It was a painting of a beautiful sensual woman. Every time I would look at this painting, it made me feel powerful, feel sensual, independent but it also made me feel like “no man is good enough for me”. One day I came across a beautiful painting of a man holding a woman in his arms, it immediately caught my attention and made my heart feel warm. I bought this painting and removed the other painting in my home. Every time I would look at this painting it made me feel loved, safe, like a goddess in the arms of her warrior.

And soul fam, this is what I live every day now with my twin flame.

During each love ritual I was whole and content with myself and life. What i'm saying is don't “wait” for your other half, soul fam. A healthy love relationship is not 50/50 % but 100/100%. Imagine 2 wholes being able to fully give and receive to each other. Instead of only 50% from you and 50% from them. This means be content with yourself, your life. Love yourself and do you boo! And watch your lover come along once you stop waiting for another half to come fill you up to make you whole.

The rituals are that easy soul fam, its no hocus pocus, it’s all your intention, trust, faith and vibes.

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