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Relaxing Massage Therapy

Cursus Healings Massage 

This course is for BIPOC who have a touch for healing and body work. 

 During this 10 week course, I am going to teach you all my valuable Healing techniques.

Learn how to create a safe space, a healing atmosphere, use different healings tools, how to work with intention, learn how to give a guided meditation/visualization,  

I have helped over a 1000 people with my Healing Massages sessions. A massage I put together from guidance from my spirit guides, innerknowing and several healing/massage courses. 

If you want to enroll for this course, it is essential that you experience my Healing Massage session first.  

Price € 2222,- 

What is included in the course: tea/water, fruit and nuts,  workbook for the course, massage materials, exames & certificate 

This course is for you if:

  • You are a BIPOC with a touch for healing and bodywork

  • You work through intuition or want to learn to work through intuition

  • You have your own practice or would like to start your own practice

  • You are serious about helping others on their healing journey

This course sis not for you if:

  • Have no experience with energy healing or bodywork

  • You are not committed to helping people on their healing journey

  • You are only doing it for the money

  • You are not open to learning my Healing techniques

What is possible after the course:

  • You are capable of giving a 60, 90 or 120 minute healing massage

  • You can charge between the €100 -€250 for your Healing Massage sessions.

  • You can combine the Healing Massage with your therapy sessions for your clients.

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