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Space Supernova

1:1 Healing Journey

Are you in an awakening and ready to work on releasing the old patterns in your conscious and subconscious mind? Ready to unblock the path, release stagnant energy and create space for this new journey, by rediscovering your own power? Are you ready to live your truth and release your limiting believes?  I can lovingly assist you on this journey!


Want to work with 1:1 with me during your healing journey?

Let me lovingly guide your through your healing process.Through various healing techniques I will guide you to discover yourself, to connect with yourself and your power that you carry within you, your own healing power.

We will have 10  sessions over the course of 20 weeks. During these 10 sessions you will release old patterns, stagnant energy and reprogram your old limiting believes. Creating space for you to go along on your new journey. With new opportunities, clear and clean energy.


Sessions include: Aura Cleansing, Chakra balancing, Soul retrival, Spirit Animal, Reprogramming Limiting Believes, Healing Massages, Manifesting the life you desire. 

Love , Imani

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