Welcome to Goddess Energy Healing

"To heal is to touch with love, which we previously touched with fear"


After working in Human Resources for over 10 years. I decieded  to follow my passion and calling for Energy Healing. 

My journey in Energy Healing started  from birth, by the wisdom and healing practices from my ancestors. I became active in using my healing practice from April 2012 when I took a break from Human Resources to truly explore Energy Healing for myself and its benefits. I started off with practicing Reiki, after experiencing the benefits of Reiki on several clients and myself, I was determined and commited to learning more about Energy Healing so I could help you beautiful souls heal. Besides carrying the wisdom of my Ancestors and my innerknowing, I have completed my Aurahealing education, several medical, holistic, yoga and massage courses and have been doing healings eversince! My Energy Healing sessions are a combination of several healing techniques passed down from my ancestors, through innerknowing and healing education. 



We all have the ability to heal, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Sometimes the energy is blocked or unbalanced, which causes unease and sometimes disease in the mind and body. This can be because of trauma's, patterns and several other causes.

That's where I come in to help.

As a professional Energy Healer using my innerknowing and education in Energy healing we can work on a natural way of healing. Put your energy into my hands and let's start healing.


Energy healing & Massage Treatments

I offer different Energy Healing treatments, depending on your needs. During an intake we can discuss the best treatment for you, which could also be a combination of different treatmenst put together for you.

Reiki behandeling


Relax in a deep state and let your body fill itself with Reiki energy.

A Reiki treatment is a gift to yourself. In the Reiki treatment you will relax, while I fill your body with Reiki energy. Reiki promotes the body's own ability to heal naturally and treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating  beneficial effects that include feelings of peace, security and well being.The body will pull the energy to the area's that is needed for healing while being in a deep state of relaxation.

Aura|Chakra Healing

Cleansing the Aura from toxic energy and blockages.

After an Aura Healing you will feel a total different energy! In the Aura Healing treatments, I will cleanse the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. I will balance your chakras and depending on your energy, work on different area's of blockages. 

Healing Massage

Relax and heal with essential oils.

My healing massage is my signature treatment! It is a relaxing massage with warm essential oils, that I will pick out for you from innerknowing.  During the massage I will use healing techniques to remove blockages from different levels of the  body.

"To heal is to touch with love which we previously touched with fear"