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Welcome to Goddess Energy Healing


Welcome to Goddess Energy Healing Beautiful Being

I AM Imani ☥ and I AM here living my soul purpose, which is to share LOVE  and HEALING with the world. My  journey in energy healing started  from birth, by the wisdom and healing practices of my ancestors, the gifts of healing that have been passed down to me.  Throughout my life, I have used my healing abilities in different ways and became active in using my healing practices professionally  from April 2012 when I took a break from Human Resources to truly explore energy healing for myself and its benefits. I started off with practicing techniques which I hadn't been awakened in me yet. After experiencing the benefits of energy healing on several clients and myself, I was determined and committed to learning more about energy healing and other forms of healing so I could assist you beautiful souls on your healing journey. Besides carrying the wisdom of my ancestors and my inner knowing, I have completed my Aura Healing education, several medical, energy healing, yoga and massage courses and have been combining all. My healing sessions are a combination of several healing techniques passed down from my ancestors, healing through my inner knowing and my healing education. The healing sessions are always intuitively guided and sessions you will never experience anywhere else! 


We all have the ability to heal, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. WE CARRY INFINITE POWER! 

Sometimes the energy is blocked or unbalanced, which causes unease and sometimes disease in the mind and body. This can be because of traumas, patterns, situations where we are stuck and several other causes.

That's where I come in to help you. I encourage you to step out of being a victim of things that happened to you and to take leadership of your own life, starting off with healing yourself. Because honey, once you feel your own power.. you will never give it away again!

As a professional, intuitive and experienced healing mentor I can help you work on a natural way of healing, using your own power, by activating your own SELF HEALING abilities. .


Put your energy into my hands and lets start healing


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